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      Air Defense Missile Techinical-Specific Training Compeletion for Avenger, THAAD, Patriot, Stinger, Bradley, Crew & Command

      Who May Apply

      • Veteran recipients
      • Active Duty recipients
      • Family Members of recipients
      • Estate Inheritors

      Display Types

      You have two display types to choose from:
      Heavy Bond Enclosure or Document Only for framing

      Heavy Bond Enclosure
      Colors: Regal, Black, Navy
      Trimmed in Appearance Gold

      Ready for Mantle or Shelf Display

      Issue Requirements
      You must submit the following:

    • An unaltered photocopy of your DD-214 displaying your Air Defense Artillery Professional primary or secondary MOS, or completion of Air Defense Artillery training. If your DD-214 does not display Air Defense Artillery status you must provide a copy of your DD-214 and a copy of military-issued orders or other documentation authorizing your Air Defense Artillery status.
    • NOTICE

      This Display Recognition is available ONLY to authorized recipients who possess orders, or authorization form, or release documentation that confirms award eligibility. (See "Issue Requirements"). To obtain either a Display Medal or a Display Recognition for your authorized award you will be required to provide military-issued documentation authorizing your award. There are no exceptions.

      You must NOT submit a military issued document or photocopy that:

      • has been altered in any way by you after
        the original's official issue
      • contains information or corrections or
        additions that you entered
      • lists awards or training you knowingly did not receive
      • contains highlighting, colorizing or other markings you entered

      Be advised that on request any knowingly fraudulent document sent by you will be released to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that may result in prosecution and/or fine/imprisonment.

      Email Questions, or Phone: 562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone)

      Personnel Branch
      Processing and Delivery

      Style Admin Shipping Total
      Full Color .PDF (Printable) $7.50 Emailed $7.50
      Published Document only (Full Color) $14.00 $9.90 $23.90
      Published Document in Heavy Bond Enclosure (Full Color) $19.00 $9.90 $28.90
      Printable Certificates on CD-Rom or by Email;
      Full Color
      (minimum 20 Certificates)
      $7.50 $9.90 By Count

    • * Total/Shipping fees, above, apply to 50 U.S. states
    • * Contact The War Library for international shipping cost
    • How to Apply

      You may apply for your Display Recognition using a...

    • Check Debit card (* Shipped within 1 week)
    • Charge card (* Shipped within 1 week)
    • Personal, Business, Bank or Cashiers Check ( Shipped in 6 weeks)
    • Money Order (* Shipped in 6 weeks)
    • (* Upon reception of required documentation)

      Please complete and MAIL this APPLICATION FORM.
      Don't forget to include an unaltered COPY of your DD-214, WD AGO 53-55 or other pre-arranged document(s).


      Mailing Address

      Records Chief (REC-AMW)
      The American War Library
      817 East Via Carmelitos
      Virginia Building 319
      Long Beach CA 90805-7549


      Click here for answers to common questions

      Email: Air Defense Artillery Professional Display Recognition Inquiry

      Telephone: 1-562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone)

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      Issue Regulations
      Air Defense Artillery Professional

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      You have endured and excelled in rigorous training to master the combat art of your Profession, having served Honorably to protect and defend the United States of America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic, receive the thanks and appreciation of a grateful Nation.

      Available Modular-Training Categories

        Assisting Squad Leader In Crew Training
        Avenger AMDPCS Components
        Avenger AN/ARC-187 UHF Radio
        Avenger AN/GRC-103 UHF Radio
        Avenger AN/GRC-193A Radio
        Avenger AN/GRC-226 Radio
        Avenger AN/GSQ-240 JTIDS Class 2M Radio
        Avenger AN/GSQ-240 JTIDS Class 2M Radio
        Avenger AN/TRC-170 Radio Terminal Set
        Avenger Antenna Eqpt Unit
        Avenger Antenna Mast Gp Truck Mounted OE-349/MRC
        Avenger Battery FM Cmd Net
        Avenger Battery FM Support Net
        Avenger Battery Mission Operations Network
        Avenger Battery Wire/Telephone Network
        Avenger Battle Mgmt/Cmd, Cntl, Commo, & Intell
        Avenger Canister
        Avenger Captive Flight Trainer
        Avenger Cmder's Tactical Terminal
        Avenger Communications Relay
        Avenger Communications Relay Group
        Avenger Compact Digital Switch
        Avenger Cooling Eqpt Unit
        Avenger Defensive Employment
        Avenger Electric Power Plant
        Avenger Electric Power Unit
        Avenger Electronics Eqpt Unit
        Avenger Electronics Module
        Avenger Encryption Devices
        Avenger Engmt Ctrl Stn Truck Mounted AN/MSQ-104
        Avenger Enhanced Position Location Rprtg Sys (EPLRS)
        Avenger Fiber Optic Cable
        Avenger Fire Unit Target Engagement Sequence
        Avenger Force-On-Force Trainer
        Avenger Forward Looking Infrared Receiver
        Avenger Global Positioning Sys
        Avenger Guided Missile Intercept Aerial, MIM-104
        Avenger Identification Friend or Foe
        Avenger Information & Coordination Central
        Avenger Information & Coordination Central
        Avenger Institutional Conduct Of Fire Trainer
        Avenger Joint Tactical Information Distribution Sys
        Avenger Laser Range Finder
        Avenger Launch Cntl Station
        Avenger Launching Stn Guided Msl Semi-Trailer Mntd
        Avenger M3P .50-Caliber Machine Gun
        Avenger Missile Assembly
        Avenger Missile Operations Boost
        Avenger Missile Operations Engage
        Avenger Missile Operations Hand-over & Acquisition
        Avenger Missile Operations Impact & Target Destruction
        Avenger Missile Operations Launch
        Avenger Missile Operations Midcourse
        Avenger Missile Operations Postboost
        Avenger Missile Operations Prelaunch
        Avenger Missile Operations Target Track
        Avenger Missile Round
        Avenger Missile Round Pallet
        Avenger Mobile Subscriber Eqpt
        Avenger Mobile Subscriber Eqpt
        Avenger Modified PLS Truck
        Avenger Offensive Employment
        Avenger Operator Cntl Unit
        Avenger Optical Sight
        Avenger Radar Set, Semi-Trailer Mounted, AN/MPQ-53
        Avenger Remote Cntl Unit
        Avenger Sensor
        Avenger Sensor Sys Interface
        Avenger Sentinel Radar
        Avenger SINCGARS Radios
        Avenger Single Channel Ground & Abn Radio Sys
        Avenger Sys Support Group
        Avenger Table Top Trainer
        Avenger Tactical Operations Station
        Avenger Tactical Station Group
        Avenger Theater High Altitude Area Defense Sys
        Avenger Troop Proficiency Trainer
        Avenger Weapon Assignment
        Balanced Fires
        Bradley Cntl Electronics
        Bradley Linebacker Cmd & Cntl
        Bradley Linebacker Digital Compass Sys
        Bradley Missile Countermeasure Device
        Bradley Missile Simulation Round
        Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
        Cntl Display Terminal
        Collecting And Consolidating Intelligence Information
        Coordinating And Supervising PMCS
        Defense In Depth
        Determining Weapon Employment
        Driving And Operating The Bradley Linebacker
        Early Engagement
        Employment Of Stinger
        IFF Sys
        Interrogator Friend Or Foe Sys
        Launch Tube Assembly
        Launcher Platoon FM Cmd Net
        M240C 7.62 Coaxial Machine Gun
        Main Gun, 25mm Automatic Gun, M242
        Maintaining And Repairing The Vehicle
        Mobile Point Defense
        Mobile Subscriber Eqpt
        Mutual Support
        Offensive Employment
        Operating Communications Equipment
        Operating Lining Of Sight-Forward-Heavy Weapon Systems
        Operating Target Sighting Equipment
        Operating The Onboard Nuclear, Biological And Chemical System
        Operating Turrets And Firing Guns
        Operating Two-Way Radios To Communicating Battling Orders
        Overlapping Fires
        Patriot Ad Battalion
        Patriot Ad Firing Unit
        Patriot Adjacent Patriot Battalions
        Patriot Air Defense Sys
        Patriot Antenna Element Task Trainer
        Patriot BSFV Institutional Conduct Of Fire Trainer
        Patriot BSFV Unit Conduct Of Fire Trainer
        Patriot Communications Sys Task Trainer
        Patriot Conduct Of Fire Trainer
        Patriot Data Link Upgrade Task Trainer
        Patriot Embedded Trainers
        Patriot Empty Round Trainer
        Patriot Fire Unit Cmd FM Net
        Patriot Fire Unit Operations Net
        Patriot IHFR-AM
        Patriot Intermediate Maintenance Instructional Trainer
        Patriot Internal Communications
        Patriot Logistics Support
        Patriot Missile Round Trainer
        Patriot Multichannel Radio Syss
        Patriot Radar Frequency Comparator Task Trainer
        Patriot Radar Set March Order & Emplacement Trainer
        Patriot Support Eqpt
        Patriot Supported & Supporting Unit
        Patriot Through Sight Video Camera
        Performing Preventiving Maintenancing Checks
        Performs Gunner Duties During Target Engagements
        Performs Loading, Unloading, PMCS, And Correctiving Actions
        Precision Gunnery Sys
        Preparing Ranging Card
        Process Special And Periodic Reports
        Reading Maps, Compassing And Battling Plans
        Remote Cntl Terminal
        Scouting Techniques
        Selecting Routing Of Movement And Vehicling Positions
        Selecting Targets And Issuing Fire Commands For All Weapons
        Sentinel Institutional Maintenance Trainer
        Sentinel Troop Proficiency Trainer
        Sighting Sys
        Stationary Point Defense
        Stinger Captive Flight Trainer
        Stinger Cntl Box
        Stinger Field Handling Trainer
        Stinger Improved Moving Target Simulator
        Stinger Tracking Head Trainer Set
        Stinger Troop Proficiency Trainer
        Stinger Weapon Round
        THAAD Engagement Cntl
        THAAD Non-Organic MSR & ACUS Connectivity
        THAAD Surveillance
        THAAD Threat Evaluation
        The Force on Force Trainer
        TOW Missile
        Understanding Artillery Tactics And Battle Strategy
        Visually Identifying Threat And Friendly Aircraft And Armored Vehicles
        Weapon Round Container
        Weighted Coverage

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