How to Install additional or

(NOTE: For info on installing a FREE, digitized (scanned) photo, please click here. )

Should you wish to install different photos of the same person or a paper photo please see below for pricing.

How Many Different Photos Of One Person
Can I Install
You may install up to fourteen additional photos of any one person.
One time cost: $4.95 per photo.

(It's still FREE to install ONE photo of a different person.
Click here for info)

What If I Don't Have a Scanner to Make My Own Digitized Photo for Free Installation?
You may mail copies or original paper photos to The Museum for scanning.
One time cost: $4.95 per photo.
If you wish you paper photos returned to you, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return. After your photo(s) are scanned and installed in The Museum, they will be promptly returned in your own envelope.

Types of Photos
You may submit scanned or paper photos.

Acceptable scanned types are
(.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif, or .cmp)
NOT to exceed 50,000 bytes.

Email scanned photos to

Mail paper photos to:
The G.I. Photograph Museum of Honor
817 East Carmelitos, Virginia Bdlg 319
Long Beach CA 90805-7549

If you wish your photos returned include a Self-addressed, Stamped Envelope. Remember to place your address in the upper-left (return address) corner of your return envelope.

Payment Options for Additional Photos
Charge card, Check or Money Order

Charge card orders must include
  • Card holder name as it appears on the card
  • Complete number, (example: 4500-1234-5678-9012)
  • Expiration date, (example: 03/99)
  • CVV Code, (example: 201)
  • Your total cost (multiply the number of applicable photo(s) by $4.95)

    Charge card orders can be emailed to publicinfo@americanwarlibrary.comCheck/Money Order mailing address:
    The G.I. Photograph Museum of Honor and Registry
    817 East Via Carmelitos, Virginia Bdlg 319
    Long Beach CA 90805-7549
  • The Museum of Honor
    Online 24 hours, everday
    Free, access software (and installation instructions) is required for internet Museum access.