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Show America You Support The Troops

If you want non-military citizens to show their support for our military and deceased, you as a military veteran should show your support!

The BEST way for you to show America and the world that you support the troops, and get other Americans to think about the troops, is to wear one of your military or war service ribbons on your collar or lapel EVERY day

Every person who sees your military service or war ribbon, proudly worn, can't help but think about our troops and the daily sacrifices they are making each difficult day to protect America.

Every American military veteran is called upon to join the ARMY OF SUPPORT for our troops by wearing one of your military ribbons EVERY day.

Where To Wear Your Military Ribbon

Military medal ribbons should be worn on the left suit, jacket or coat lapel, shirt collar or on the left shortsleeve.

Clothing The Military Medal Ribbon Should Not Be Worn On

Military Medal ribbons should not be worn on T-shirts, costumes or political garments. If forbidden by an unpatriotic or foreign employer, ribbons should not be worn at work.

Which Military Medal Ribbon Should You Select for Daily Wear

Any Military Medal ribbon can be selected for daily wear. Ribbons representing Valor or war campaign duty normally take precedence over service ribbons. An Order of Precedence Chart is available:

Make Every American Who Sees Your Ribbon Think About Our Troops and Their Need To Support New Veteran's Legislation to Help Returning War Veterans In Need

Can Qualification Badges Be Substituted for Daily Military Medal Ribbon Wear?

No. There is no precedent in American or European military history for the daily wear of a military qualification badge because qualification badges display personal skill or aptitude, not personal sacrifice or service.

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