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    Replacement Recognition

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Sample Replacement Recognition:

Military Branches

All Military Service branches are applicable:
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy

Who May Apply

  • Veteran recipients
  • Active Duty recipients
  • Family Members of recipients
  • Estate Inheritors

Replacement Types

    You have four display types to choose from:
    Black & White (No Color)
    Heavy Bond Enclosure

    Heavy Bond Enclosure
    Colors: Regal, Black, Navy
    Trimmed in Appearance Gold

    Ready for Mantle or Shelf Display

    A Shadowbox Patch is available.
    (Not for wear on clothing)

    Issue Requirements
    You must submit:

  • A photocopy of your DD-214 or other military issued documentation showing the following three requirements established by the Government of Vietnam (Cessation of Hostilities Military Award Group, 1974):

    • Completion of parachute training
    • Vietnam Service
    • Membership in an Airborne Infantry, Special Forces, or airborne readiness status (Air Sea Rescue, combat/emergency medical, diplomatic courier) unit
    • Personnel Branch
      Processing and Delivery

    Style Admin Shipping Total
    Full Color .PDF (Printable) $7.50 Emailed $7.50
    Published Document only (Full Color) $14.00 $12.60 USPS $26.60
    Heavy Bond Enclosure (Full Color) $19.00 $12.60 USPS $31.60

      • No handling charges
      • Total/Shipping fees, above, apply to 50 U.S. states
      • Contact The War Library for international shipping cost

    How to Apply

    You may apply for your Replacement Recognition using a...

      • Check Debit card (* Shipped within 2-3 days)
      • Charge card (* Shipped within 2-3 days)
      • Personal or Business Check ( 3-4 week shipping)
      • Money Order (* Shipped within 2-3 days)
      • (* Upon reception of required documentation)

      Complete and MAIL this APPLICATION FORM.
      Don't forget to include a copy of your DD-214 or other required document(s).


    Mailing Address

    Records Chief (REC-AMW)
    The American War Library
    817 East Via Carmelitos Ste 319
    Long Beach CA 90805-7549


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    Email: Jump Status Badge Recognition Inquiry

    Telephone: 1-562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone)

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