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  • An unaltered photocopy of your DD-214 or other military issued document clearly displaying your wartime foreign service.
  • Contact The War Library if you do not have a DD-214: 1-562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone).

    This Replacement Recognition is available ONLY to authorized recipients who possess orders, or authorization form, or release documentation that confirms award eligibility. (See "Issue Requirements"). To obtain either a Replacement Medal or a Replacement Recognition for your authorized award you will be required to provide military-issued documentation authorizing your award. There are no exceptions.

    You must NOT submit a military issued document or photocopy that:

    • has been altered in any way by you after
      the original's official issue
    • contains information or corrections or
      additions that you entered
    • lists awards or training you knowingly did not receive
    • contains highlighting, colorizing or other markings you entered

    Be advised that on request any knowingly fraudulent document sent by you will be released to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that may result in prosecution and/or fine/imprisonment.

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    Issue Regulations
    Humanitarian Service Medal

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    a. The Humanitarian Service Medal was established by Executive Order 11965 of 19 January 1977. It is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after 1 April 1975 distinguished themselves by meritorious direct participation in a Department of Defense approved significant military act or operation of a humanitarian nature. It is not awarded for participation in domestic disturbances involving law enforcement, equal rights to citizens, or protection of properties.

    b. To be eligible, a service member must meet the following requirements:

    (1) Must be on active duty at the time of direct participation in a Department of Defense-approved humanitarian act or operation.

    (2) Must have directly participated in the humanitarian act or operation within the designated geographical area of operation and within specified time limits. "Direct participation" is defined as "hands on" activity at the site or sites of the military act or operation. Specifically excluded from eligibility for this medal are personnel or elements remaining at geographically separated military headquarters.

    c. The Humanitarian Service Medal is a U.S. service medal and does not preclude or conflict with other service medals or decorations awarded on the basis of valor, achievement or meritorious service.

    d. No person will be awarded more than one Humanitarian Service Medal for participation in the same military act or operation; a service star will be worn to denote direct participation in second or subsequent humanitarian acts or operations.

    1. Description: A bronze medal, 1 inches in diameter, surmounted by an open hand, palm up, extending to the upper left. On the reverse is a sprig of oak in a left oblique slant between the inscription "FOR HUMANITARIAN SERVICE" in three horizontal lines, and "UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES" in an arc around the base.

    2. Ribbon: The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches wide and consists of the following stripes: 3/16 inch Imperial Purple 67161; 1/16 inch White 67101; 5/16 inch Bluebird 67117; 1/4 inch Flag Blue 67124; 5/16 inch Bluebird; 1/16 inch White; and 3/16 inch Imperial Purple.

    3. Criteria: a. The Humanitarian Service Medal is awarded to members of the Armed Forces who distinguish themselves by meritorious direct participation in any significant military act or operation of a humanitarian nature approved by the Department of Defense. The medal is not awarded for participation in domestic disturbances involving law enforcement, equal rights to citizens, or protection of properties.

    b. Service members must be on active duty at the time for direct participation. It also includes service as a cadet at the US Military Academy. Members of the National Guard are eligible provided, that use of active forces has been authorized in the act or operation.

    c. Service members must have directly participated in the humanitarian act or operation within the designated geographical area of operation and within specified time limits. Specifically excluded from eligibility for this medal are personnel or elements remaining at geographically separated military headquarters.

    4. Components: The following are authorized components of the Humanitarian Service Medal:

    a. Medal (regular size): MIL-DTL-3943/240. NSN 8455-01-063-4674 for set containing full size medal and ribbon bar.

    b. Medal (miniature size): MIL-DTL-3943/240. Available commercially.

    c. Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/233. Available commercially.

    d. Lapel Button: MIL-DTL-11484/122. Available commercially.

    5. Background: a. The Humanitarian Service Medal was established by President Ford per Executive Order 11965, dated 19 January 1977. The order provided for award for participation in a military operation of a humanitarian nature subsequent to 1 April 1975. The policy and award criteria for the Humanitarian Service Medal was established by Department of Defense Directive 1348.25, dated 23 June 1977.

    b. Proposed medals were submitted to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) for approval 18 April 1977 and the selected design was approved by OSD on 10 May 1977. The design by Mr. Jay Morris, The Institute of Heraldry, uses the outstretched hand with palm up as the international symbol for aid and assistance. On the reverse, the oak sprig is symbolic of strength imparted through a selfless mission to aid mankind. The color purple in the ribbon stands for self-sacrifice, white for regeneration and blue for universal friendship. In addition, the two shades of blue are the colors used in the flags of OSD.

    c. A bronze star is worn on the ribbon to indicate subsequent awards of the Humanitarian Service Medal.

    d. Designated operations for which the Humanitarian Service Medal may be awarded are listed in DOD Manual 1348.33 (M).

    The Humanitarian Service Medal is an individual award for members of the United States Armed Forces who have distinguished themselves by meritorious, direct participation in a significant military act or operation of a humanitarian nature. The emergency assistance must have been requested by the Department of State in overseas areas or by the President in CONUS.

    Such direct participation must have provided immediate relief, relieve human suffering and should have saved lives. Additionally, the acts or operations must have affected the outcome of the situation in that nonaction would have produced definite consequences.

    All awards of the HSM must have specific dates and must be restricted to the period of "immediate relief." Periods beyond immediate relief are considered established ongoing operations beyond the initial emergency conditions; these periods are no longer eligible for the HSM.

    Award Approval Authority: Military Service Secretaries, DASD (MPP) and the DJS (for organizations reporting to or through Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) for the Secretary of Defense. Further delegations are possible. See Chapter 6, DoD Manual 1348.33-M, Manual of Military Decorations & Awards, for further clarification.


    Direct Participation: Being physically present at the designated location, having directly contributed to and influenced the action. Designated Location: The immediate site(s) of the humanitarian operations as defined by the Presidential request for assistance in the United States or the Department of State for overseas areas.

    Types of Military Acts or Operations Which May Qualify for the HSM:

    Assistance during national or international disasters, natural or man-made, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons or fires. Relief to starvation areas. Personnel evacuation from an area threatened by a hostile force. Support or resettlement of refugees or evacuees. Acts or operations of a similar nature, determined by the award approval authority.


    Personnel remaining at geographically separated locations. Personnel assigned to the location who neither made a direct contribution nor influenced the action. Personnel assisting in domestic disturbances involving law enforcement, equal rights demonstrations or property protection.

    Quick Facts about the HSM:

    The HSM is worn immediately after the Armed Forces Service Medal. Service stars shall be awarded and worn on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal for subsequent awards of the HSM.

  • Evacuation of Laos 1-Apr-1975 15-Aug-1975 Laos
  • New Life 1-Apr-1975 1-Nov-1975 Vietnam
  • Baby Lift 4 4-Apr-1975 9-May-1975 Vietnam
  • Eagle Pull 12-Apr-1975 12-Apr-1975 Cambodia
  • Frequent Wind 29-Apr-1975 30-Apr-1975 Vietnam
  • Guatemala Earthquake Disaster Relief 4-Feb-1976 30-Jun-1976 Guatemala
  • Typhoon Pamela Disaster Relief 1-May-1976 15-Jun-1976 Guam
  • Lion Assistance 7-May-1976 4-Jun-1976 Italy
  • NMCB 40 10-May-1976 31-Jul-1976
  • Typhoon Olga Disaster Relief 25-May-1976 1-Jun-1976 Philippines
  • Teton Dam Disaster Relief 5-Jun-1976 19-Jun-1976 ID
  • Beirut Evacuation 20-Jun-1976 27-Jul-1976 Lebanon
  • NMCB 1 29-Jul-1976 15-Sep-1976
  • Big Thompson Flood Disaster Relief 31-Jul-1976 3-Aug-1976 CO
  • Bolivian Commercial Air Disaster 13-Oct-1976 21 Oct 1976 Bolivia
  • Turkey Earthquake Disaster 24-Nov-1976 22-Jan-1977 Turkey
  • Eniwetok Radiological Cleanup 24-Jan-1977 15-Apr-1980 Eniwetok
  • Snow-Go 30-Jan-1977 8-Feb-1977 NY
  • Port-au-Prince Disaster Relief 22-Mar-1977 1-Jun-1977 Haiti
  • Canary Islands Commercial Aircraft Disaster 28-Mar-1977 30-Mar-1977 Canary Islands
  • Aircraft Disaster (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) 28-Mar-1977 22-Apr-1977
  • Appalachian Flood Relief 6-Apr-1977 30-Jun-1977 KY, VA, and WV
  • Johnstown Flood Relief 20-Jul-1977 16-Aug-1977 PA
  • North Carolina Flood Relief 6-Nov-1977 21-Dec-1977 NC
  • Washington State Flood Relief 2-Dec-1977 31-Jan-1978 WA
  • Snow Blow/Snow Blow II 26-Jan-1978 18-Feb-1978 CT, IN, MA, ME, MI, NH, OH, and RI
  • Naples Relief 18-Apr-1978 21-Apr-1978 Italy
  • Zaire Airlift 19-May-1978 27-May-1978 Zaire
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. REASONER (FF 1063) 7-Jun-1978 7-Jun-1978
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. FLASHER (SSN 613) 14-Jul-1978 15-Jul-1978
  • Texas Flood Relief 3-Aug-1978 15-Aug-1978 TX
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. FRANCIS HAMMOND (FF 1067) 9-Aug-1978 14-Aug-1978
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. WHIPPLE (FF 1062) 22-Aug-1978 22-Aug-1978
  • Jonestown, Guyana Disaster Relief 20-Nov-1978 20 Dec 1978 Guyana
  • Sri Lanka Disaster Relief 27-Nov-1978 13-Dec-1978 Sri Lanka
  • Louisiana Tornado Disaster Relief 3-Dec-1978 31-Dec-1978 LA
  • Iran Evacuation 8-Dec-1978 20-Feb-1979 Iran
  • North Illinois Snow Removal 19-Jan-1979 25-Jan-1979 IL
  • Iran Evacuation -- U.S.S. KINKAID; U.S.S. HOEL; U.S.S. DECATUR; U.S.S. LASALLE; U.S.S. TALBOT; and Admin. Support Unit Bahrain 19-Feb-1979 25-Feb-1979 Iran
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. DOWNES (FF 1070) 3-Apr-1979 3-Apr-1979
  • Jackson, Mississippi, Flood Relief 8-Apr-1979 9-Jul-1979 MS Falls - Vernon, Texas Tornado Disaster Relief 10-Apr-1979 21-Apr-1979 TX
  • Red River of the North Flood Relief -- Minnesota 17-Apr-1979 2-May-1979 MN
  • Red River of the North Flood Relief -- North Dakota 20-Apr-1979 30-Apr-1979 ND
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. ROBERT E. PERRY (FF 1073) 5-May-1979 9-May-1979
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. LYNDE McCORMICK (DDG-8) 9-Jun-1979 31-Jul-1979
  • Nicaragua Evacuation (Noncombatants) 11-Jun-1979 31-Jul-1979 Nicaragua
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S.S. SAFEGUARD (ARS 25) 13-Jun-1979 17-Jun-1979
  • Cheyenne Tornado Disaster 16-Jul-1979 29-Jul-1979 WY
  • Operation Boat People -- U.S. Naval Station, Cubi Point 21-Jul-1979 18-Jan-1980 Philippines Operation Boat People 21-Jul-1979 30-Jun-1984 Southeast Asia
  • Graves Registration Effort 10-Aug-1979 15-Sep-1979 Panama
  • Jamaican Disaster Relief 14-Aug-1979 23-Dec-1979 Jamaica
  • Dominica Disaster Relief 31-Aug-1979 30-Nov-79 Dominica
  • Dominican Republic Disaster Relief 1-Sep-1979 26-Oct-1979 Dominican Republic
  • Hurricane Frederick Relief 12-Sep-1979 23-Feb-1980 AL
  • Gallup Indian Medical Center Relief 3-Oct-1979 15-Apr-1980 NM
  • Indochina Refugee Relief 26-Oct-1979 30-Apr-1980 Thailand
  • Majuro Atoll Disaster Relief 27-Nov-1979 8-Jan-1980 Marshall Islands
  • Colombia Earthquake Relief 13-Dec-1979 30-Dec-1979 Colombia
  • Nicaragua Disaster Relief 17-Dec-1979 8-Jan-1980 Nicaragua
  • Azores Earthquake Disaster 1-Jan-1980 15-Jan-1980 Azores
  • San Bernardino Flood and Mud Slide Disaster 8-Feb-1980 15-Mar-1980 CA
  • Liberian Assistance (U.S. Military Mission, Liberia) 12-Apr-1980 22-May-1980 Liberia
  • Costa Rica 21-Apr-1980 27-Apr-1980 Costa Rica
  • Iran Hostage Rescue 24-Apr-1980 25-Apr-1980 Iran
  • Cuban Refugee Resettlement 27-Apr-1980 19-Feb-1982 Florida Straits
  • Mount St. Helens Volcano Relief 18-May-1980 28-May-1980 WA
  • Island, Nebraska, Tornado Relief 3-Jun-1980 18-Jun-1980 NE
  • Haiti Hurricane Relief 6-Aug-1980 21-Aug-1980 Haiti
  • Saint Lucia Hurricane Relief - U.S.S. PATTERSON (FF1061) 7-Aug-1980 9-Aug-1980 Saint Lucia
  • Boat People (South China Sea) 21-Aug-1980
  • Hurricane Relief 12-Sep-1980 22-Sep-1980 MS
  • Haitian Refugee Resettlement 23-Sep-1980 30-Apr-1982 Puerto Rico
  • Algeria Earthquake Disaster 12-Oct-1980 21-Oct-1980 Algeria
  • Italian Disaster Relief 1-Nov-1980 7-Dec-1980 Italy
  • Typhoon Dinah Disaster Relief 26-Nov-1980 13-Dec-1980 Saipan
  • Federal Aviation Agency Air Traffic Controller Support 3-Aug-1981 1-Jul-1983 United States
  • RPS DATU KALANTIAW (PS 1976) Rescue 21-Sep-1981 24-Sep-1981 Luzon Straits
  • San Francisco Area Flood Relief 4-Jan-1982 12-Mar-1982 CA
  • Air Florida Crash Recovery 13-Jan-1982 27-Jan-1982 Washington, DC
  • Ft. Wayne, Indiana Flood Relief 19-Mar-1982 21-Mar-1982 IN
  • Paris, Texas Tornado Disaster Relief 25-Apr-1982 29-Apr-1982 TX
  • Bridge Disaster Relief 21-May-1982 2-Jul-1982 Panama
  • Lebanon Evacuation 23-Jun-1982 25-Jun-1982 Lebanon
  • Tunisia Flood Relief 2-Nov-1982 22-Apr-83 Tunisia
  • Hurricane Iwa Relief 25-Nov-1982 29-Nov-1982 Hawaii
  • New Baden, Illinois Tornado Disaster Relief 2-Dec-1982 12-Dec-1982 IL
  • Mississippi River Flood 2-Dec-1982 30-Jun-1983 Lower Valley Mississippi (AR, IL, KY, LA, MS, MO, & TN)
  • Southeast Missouri Flood Relief (1 of 2 qualifying periods) 3-Dec-1982 10-Dec-1982 MO
  • Southeast Missouri Flood Relief (2 of 2 qualifying periods) 21-Dec-1982 22-Dec-1982 MO
  • California Flood Relief 24-Jan-1983 15-Jul-1983 CA
  • Medical Support to Central America (Project Green Earth) 9-Feb-1983 25-May-1984 El Salvador
  • Fiji Islands Cyclone Disaster Relief 9-Mar-1983 26-Mar-1983 Fiji Islands
  • Popayan Earthquake Disaster Relief 31-Mar-1983 8-Apr-1983 Colombia
  • Utah Flood Relief 30-Apr-1983 1-Jul-1984 UT
  • Coalinga Earthquake Relief Operations 2-May-1983 18-May-1983 CA
  • Peru Flood Relief 26-Jun-1983 1-Jul-1983 Peru
  • Costa Rica Earthquake Disaster Relief 5-Jul-1983 13-Jul-1983 Costa Rica
  • Cholera Epidemic - Truk Island 7-Sep-1983 12-Dec-1983 Micronesia
  • Merchant Vessel LICA LU Rescue: WHITEPLAINS (AFS 4), Helicopter Combat Support, Sqdn Three, Det 106 25-Oct-1983 25-Oct-1983 Pratas Islands
  • Grenada Rescue (URGENT FURY), USFORCARIB Disaster Relief, Survey Team 27-Oct-1983 6-Nov-1983 Grenada
  • Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief 31-Oct-1983 14-Nov-1983 Turkey
  • Animal Disease Eradication 10-Nov-1983 12-Mar-1984 IN, MD, NJ, PA & VA
  • Agalega Island Disaster Relief -- U.S.S. FIFE (DD 91991); Helicopter Anti-Submarine Sqdn Light 37, Det 3 13-Dec-1983 13-Dec-1983 Mauritius
  • Beirut Evacuation 10-Feb-1984 12-Feb-1984 Lebanon
  • Water Disaster Relief  NAVFAC Antigua; NMCB 62 Det 15-Mar-1984 18-Jun-1984 Antigua
  • North Carolina Tornado Disaster 28-Mar-1984 19-Apr-1984 NC
  • Cyclone Kamisy Disaster Relief - U.S.S. HECTOR (AR 7) 23-Apr-1984 30-Apr-1984 Madagascar
  • Barnveld, Wisconsin, Tornado 8-Jun-1984 8-Jun-1984 WI
  • Eastern Nebraska Flood 13-Jun-1984 15-Sep-1984 NE
  • Operation INTENSE LOOK 8-Aug-1984 1-Oct-1984 Suez Canal & Red Sea Hurricane Diana Relief Operation 10-Sep-1984 8-Oct-1984 MC Operations TRANSFER & SHEEBA 1 29-Sep-1984 30-Sep-1984 South Korea
  • Rescue of Survivors of Pacific Protector 19-Oct-1984 19-Oct-1984 Persian Gulf
  • Preventive Medicine Operation 21-Apr-1985 14-May-1985 Somalia
  • Mali Raft Famine Relief Operation 23-May-1985 31-Oct-1985 Mali
  • Mercer County Tornado Relief 31-May-1985 1-Jun-1985 PA
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming, Flood Relief 1-Aug-1985 5-Aug-1985 WY OPERATIONS Start Date End Date GEOGRAPHIC AREA1
  • Hurricane Elena Relief Operation 29-Aug-1985 8-Sep-1985 MS
  • Mexico City Earthquake 19-Sep-1985 4-Oct-1985 Mexico
  • Disaster Relief for Puerto Rico 6-Oct-1985 21-Oct-1985 Puerto Rico
  • Sugar Grove, West Virginia Flood Relief -- Operation (Navy) 4-Nov-1985 22-Nov-1985 WV
  • Virginia Flood Relief Operation 4-Nov-1985 25-Nov-1985 VA West Virginia Flood Relief (Army and Army National Guard) 5-Nov-1985 28-Nov-1985 WV
  • Colombia Disaster Relief Operation 16-Nov-1985 20-Dec-1985 Colombia
  • California Flood Relief 14-Feb-1986 16-Mar-1986 CA
  • Western Nevada Flood Relief 17-Feb-1986 21-Feb-1986 NV
  • Typhoon Namu 27-May-1986 29-May-1986 Solomon Islands
  • Lake Nyos Disaster Relief Operation 25-Aug-1986 26-Sep-1986 Cameroon
  • Northern Illinois Flood Relief 29-Sep-1986 1-Oct-1986 IL
  • El Salvador Earthquake Relief 10-Oct-1986 20-Oct-1986 El Salvador
  • Typhoon Kim 3-Dec-1986 23-Dec-1986 Saipan
  • Babuyan Island Relief Operation 15-Dec-1986 19-Dec-1986 Philippines
  • Typhoon Tusi 24-Jan-1987 8-Mar-1987 American Samoa
  • Cyclone Uma Disaster Relief 13-Feb-1987 18-Feb-1987 Republic of Vanuatu
  • Ecuador Earthquake Disaster Relief 5-Mar-1987 5-Apr-1987 Ecuador
  • Kum-Gang Valley Flood Relief 15-Jul-1987 26 Jul 1987 South Korea
  • Operation Firebreak 5-Sep-1987 15-Sep-1987 United States
  • Operation Pocket Planner (Note 1) 1-Nov-1987 1-Nov-1987
  • Typhoon Nina Relief Operation 25-Nov-1987 21-Dec-1987 Micronesia
  • U.S.S. CHANDLER Rescue of PIVOT 12-Dec-1987 12-Dec-1987 Persian Gulf
  • Korean Freighter Hyundai 7 25-Dec-1987 25-Dec-1987 Korea
  • Tropical Cyclone Anne 16-Jan-1988 19-Jan-1988 Solomon Islands
  • Costa Rica Flood Relief Operation 31-Jan-1988 5-Feb-1988 Costa Rica
  • Greenland Sledge Dog Relief 9-Feb-1988 29-Apr-1988 Greenland
  • Pakistan Ammunition Depot Relief 10-Apr-1988 18-May-1988 Pakistan
  • South Dakota Forest Fire 26-Jul-1988 30-Jul-1988 SD
  • Rescue of Vessel Elvira 9-Aug-1988 9-Aug-1988
  • Burma Evacuation of U.S. Persons 15-Aug-1988 30-Sep-1988 Burma
  • Firefighting, Western United States 19-Aug-1988 6-Oct-1988 United States
  • Inner Passage 1988 (Sudan) 25-Aug-1988 10-Sep-1988 Sudan
  • Hurricane Gilbert Disaster Relief 24-Sep-1988 1-Oct-1988 United States
  • Costa Rica Flood Relief Operation 28-Oct-1988 3-Nov-1988 Costa Rica
  • Grand Forks Flood Relief 7-Apr-1989 13-Apr-1989 NE
  • Grosse Tete Tornado Relief 8-Jun-1989 14-Jun-1989 United States
  • Soviet Burn Victims 9-Jun-1989 23-Jun-1989 Soviet Union
  • United Airlines Flight 232 Crash 19-Jul-1989 20-Jul-1989 IA, U.S.
  • Typhoon Judy Flood Relief 25-Jul-1989 27-Jul-1989 South Korea
  • Operation Firebreak 28-Jul-1989 25-Aug-1989 OR and ID
  • Ethiopian Search and Rescue 1-Aug-1989 1-Aug-1989 Ethiopia
  • Evacuation of U.S. Embassy, Beirut 6-Sep-1989 6-Sep-1989 Beirut, Lebanon
  • Hurricane Hugo 18-Sep-1989 24-Nov-1989 VI, PR, SC, NC, KY
  • Loma Prieta Earthquake, CA 17-Oct-1989 13-Dec-1989 CA
  • Huntsville Tornado Relief Operation 15-Nov-1989 30-Nov-1989 AL
  • Islands of Basco and Ibayat, Batanes
  • Province 12-Dec-1989 21-Dec-1989 Philippines
  • Operation ATLAS RAIL 3-Feb-1990 19-Mar-1990 Tunisia
  • Alabama Flood Relief Operation 16-Mar-1990 4-Apr-1990 AL
  • Operation Amigo (JTF Bravo) 13-May-1990 19-May-1990 Honduras
  • Island of Luzon Earthquake 16-Jul-1990 18-Sep-1990 Luzon
  • Evacuation of Kuwait and Iraq
  • Military Assistance Program Office, Amman Jordan 6-Aug-1990 30-Sep-1990 Kuwait/Iraq
  • Operation Firebreak 1990 9-Aug-1990 21-Aug-1990 CA and OR
  • Joliet/Will County Tornado Relief 28-Aug-1990 29-Aug-1990 IL
  • Korean Flood Relief Operation 11-Sep-1990 12-Sep-1990 South Korea
  • Okefenokee Wildfire Operation 30-Sep-1990 15-Oct-1990 GA
  • Western Washington Floods 10-Nov-1990 24-Nov-1990 WA
  • Kuwait Reconstruction Effort 26-Feb-1991 31-Dec-1991 Kuwait
  • Task Force PROVIDE COMFORT 5-Apr-1991 14-Jun-1991 Iraq/Turkey
  • Costa Rican Disaster Relief 22-Apr-1991 3-May-1991 Costa Rica
  • Operation Helping Hand 22-Apr-1991 4-May-1991 Panama/Costa Rica
  • Tropical Cyclone 02B Relief 30-Apr-1991 13-Jun-1991
  • Operation Sea Angel 10-May-1991 13-Jun-1991 Bangladesh
  • Task Force PROV COMFORT-II 15-Jun-1991 15-Apr-1992 Iraq/Turkey
  • Angolan Relief Operation 12-Sep-1991 1-Jun-1992 Luanda, Angola
  • Joint Task Force - GTMO I 22-Nov-1991 31-Jan-1992 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Tropical Storm Zelda Relief 6-Dec-1991 22-Feb-1992 Marshall Islands
  • Joint Task Force - GTMO II 1-Feb-1992 30-Apr-1992 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Operation PROVIDE HOPE -- (USTRANSCOM Aircrews only) 5-Feb-1992 27-Apr-1992 Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Operation DEPREM 14-Mar-1992 20-Mar-1992 Erzincan, Turkey
  • Mount Etna Volcano Disaster 11-Apr-1992 25-Apr-1992 Sicily
  • Task Force PROV COMFORT-III 16-Apr-1992 31-Jul-1993 Iraq/Turkey
  • Task Force PROV COMFORT-III (Third Increment) 16-Apr-1992 31-Jul-1993 Northern Iraq, Kuwait
  • Joint Task Force - GTMO III 1-May-1992 30-Jun-1992 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Operation Baker-Mifanilla II 10-Jul-1992 27-Jul-1992 Madagascar
  • Operation PROVIDE HOPE - (On- Site Inspection Agency, DOS) (1 of qualifying periods) 1-Aug-1992 31-Aug-1992 Commonwealth ofIndependent States
  • Joint Task Force PROV RELIEF 18-Aug-1992 4 Dec-1992 Somalia
  • Hurricane Andrew Disaster Relief (1 of 2 qualifying periods) 23-Aug-1992 10-Nov-1992 FL
  • Hurricane Andrew Disaster Relief (2 of 2 qualifying periods) 26-Aug-1992 8-Oct-1992 FL
  • Joint Task Force - Marianas 28-Aug-1992 19-Sep-1992 Marianas
  • Joint Task Force - Hawaii 12-Sep-1992 8-Nov-1992 HI
  • Operation PROVIDE HOPE - (On-Site Inspection Agency, DOS) (2 of 2 qualifying periods) 1-Oct-1992 30-Apr-1993 Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Joint Task Force PROV REFUGE 11-Feb-1993 11-Mar-1993 Marshal Islands
  • Ecuador Flood Relief Operation 29-Mar-1993 1-May-1993 Ecuador
  • Mississippi River Flood Operation 9-Jul-1993 20-Aug-1993 IL, IA, MO, NE, WI, KS, SD, and ND
  • Operation Bridge Lift 20-Jul-1993 20-Aug-1993 Nepal
  • Cambodia Demining Operation 1-Aug-1993 30-Sep-1995 Cambodia
  • Northridge Earthquake Relief Op. 17-Jan-1994 25-Feb-1994 CA
  • Joint Task Force 160 (Operation SEA SIGNAL) 20-May-1994 15-Apr-1996 Haiti, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • Colombian Earthquake Relief Effort 6-Jun-1994 28-Jun-1994 Colombia
  • Southeast Flood Disaster Relief 7-Jul-1994 19-Aug-1994 GA, AL and FL
  • Joint Task Force SPT HOPE 20-Jul-1994 7 Oct-1994 Rwanda
  • Joint Task Force - SURINAME 19-Aug-1994 31-Oct-1994 Suriname
  • Joint Task Force - SAFE HAVEN 26-Aug-1994 3 Mar-1995 Panama
  • Joint Task Force 11980/11990 and MNF Haiti (UPHOLD/ RESTORE DEMOCRACY) 10-Sep-1994 31-Mar-1995 Haiti
  • Oklahoma City Bombing Disaster
  • Relief Operation 19-Apr-1995 3 May-1995 OK
  • Joint Special Operations Task Force
  • Eritrea and Ethiopia 30-May-1995 30-Sep-1995 Eritrea and Ethiopia
  • Russia Relief Operation 13-Jun-1995 17-Oct-1995 Vladivostok, Russia
  • Joint Task Force - PROMPT RETURN 21-Jul-1995 10-Aug-1995 Wake Island
  • Hurricane Marilyn Disaster Relief
  • Operation 16-Sep-1995 1-Oct-1995 Puerto Rico
  • Hurricane Opal Disaster Relief
  • Operation 4-Oct-1995 13-Oct-1995 AL and FL
  • Western U.S. Floods 1997 Disaster
  • Relief Operation 4-Jan-1997 24-Feb-1997 CA, NV and ID
  • Snow Blow 1997 Disaster Relief
  • Operation 10-Jan-1997 7-Feb-1997 ND and SD
  • North Central U.S. Floods Disaster
  • Relief Operation 7-Apr-1997 3-Jun-1997 ND, SD and MN
  • Grenada Drought Operation 25-Apr-1997 23-Jun-1997 Grenada, Martinique
  • Eritrea/Ethiopia De-mining Operation 5-Jun-1997 25-Jul-1997 Eritrea/Ethiopia
  • Korean Airline Flight 19801 6-Aug-1997 23-Aug-1997 Guam
  • Indonesian Forest Fire Relief 17-Oct-1997 4-Dec-1997 Indonesian
  • Super-Typhoon Paka Relief Effort 17-Dec-1997 24-Jan-1998 Guam
  • Northeastern U.S. Ice Crisis 1998
  • Disaster Relief Operation 10-Jan-1998 30-Jan-1998 NY and ME
  • Sao Miguel Relief Operation 19-Mar-1998 20-Jun-1998 Azores
  • Ecuador El Nino Disaster Relief Effort 9-May-1998 24-May-1998 Ecuador
  • Republic of Yemen De-mining
  • Operation 15-May-1998 15-Dec-1998 Yemen
  • Joint Task Force Nobel Obelisk 25-May-1998 6-Jun-1998 Sierra Leone
  • SAFE DEPARTURE 6-Jun-1998 7-Jun-1998 Eritrea
  • Joint Task Force-Kenya for Operation
  • Resolute Response 7-Aug-1998 31-Aug-1998 Kenya
  • Evacuation Operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo 8-Aug-1998 17-Aug-1998 Republic of Congo
  • AIR ANGEL 1998 9-Sep-1998 23-Sep-1998 Bangladesh
  • SHADOW EXPRESS 20-Sep-1998 10-Oct-1998 Liberia
  • Joint Task Force Full Provider 25-Sep-1998 1-Nov-1998 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Hurricane Georges Disaster Relief 25-Sep-1998 1-Nov-1998 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • TEMPEST GUARDIAN (Hurricane Georges) 26-Sep-1998 10-Oct-1998 MS
  • Central and South Texas Floods 21-Oct-1998 13-Nov-1998 TX
  • Hurricane Mitch Disaster Relief Operation in Central America 28-Oct-1998 30-Sep-1998 Central America
  • JOINT GUARDIAN 10 Jun 1999-20 Jul 1999 Kosovo
  • Thailand De-mining Operation 1-Jan-1999 30-Sep-2001 Thailand
  • Clarksville Tornado Relief Operation (Clarksville, TN) 17-Jan-1999 26-Jan-1999 TN
  • Alpine Rescue Operation 24-Feb-1999 28-Feb-1999
  • Republic of Yemen De-mining 15-Mar-1999 30-Jun-1999 Republic of Yemen
  • SHINING HOPE 3-Apr-1999 5-Jun-1999 Albania, Macedonia
  • PROVIDE REFUGE (Fort Dix) 1-May-1999 31-Jul-1999 NJ
  • West Point Military Reservation Fire (West Point) 28-Jul-1999 16-Aug-1999 NY
  • AVID RESPONSE 17-Aug-1999 11-Sep-1999 Western Turkey
  • Kingdom of Jordan De-mining Operation 13-Sep-1999 14-Dec-1999 Kingdom of Jordan
  • Hurricane Floyd Disaster Relief 15-Sep-1999 9-Nov-1999 NC
  • STABILIZE 16-Sep-1999 23-Feb-2000 East Timor
  • Operation Joint Task Force Atlas Response 18-Feb-2000 27-Mar-2000 Botswana, Mozambique, and South Africa
  • Operation FIERY RELIEF in the Republic of the Philippines 3-Mar-2000 7-Mar-2000 Republic of the Philippines
  • Kingdom of Jordan De-mining Operation 15-Jun-2000 15-Aug-2000 Kingdom of Jordan
  • Western U.S. Wild Land Fires 13-Jul-2000 24-Sep-2000 ID and MT
  • Belize Hurricane Relief Operation 4-Oct-2000 8-Oct-2000 Belize
  • El Salvador Earthquake Relief Operation 14-Jan-2001 28-Feb-2001 El Salvador
  • Indian Earthquake Relief Operation 26-Jan-2001 19-Feb-2001
  • Oman De-mining Operation 1-Mar-2001 10-May-2001 Oman
  • Djibouti De-mining Operation 1-Mar-2001 11-May-2001 Djibouti
  • U.S. Support Group East Timor 1-Mar-2001 31-Dec-2002 East Timor
  • Egypt Deming Operation 2-Jun-2001 9-Aug-2001 Egypt
  • Task Force Avid Recovery (Lagos) 19-Feb-2002 15-Apr-2002 Nigeria
  • La Plata, Maryland Tornado Relief Operation 2-May-2002 12-May-2002 MD
  • Typhoon Chata'an Relief Operation 2-Jul-2002 11-Oct-2002 Micronesia
  • AUTUMN RETURN 22-Sep-2002 4-Oct-2002 Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire, and West Africa
  • SHEPARD SENTRY 29-Oct-2002 3-Nov-2002 Central African Republic
  • Super Typhoon Pongsona Relief 8-Dec-2002 31-Dec-2002 Guam
  • Joint Special Operations Task Force SHINING EXPRESS 7-Jun-2003 20-Jun-2003
  • Joint Task Force, Liberia 25-Jul-2003 15-Oct-2003 Liberia
  • SECURE TOMORROW, Port-au-Prince 15-Mar-2004 25-Jun-2004 Haiti
  • UNIFIED ASSISTANCE - Tsunami Relief Effort 1-Dec-2004 1-Dec-2004
  • Typhoon Nan Madol 4-Dec-2004 18-Dec-2004
  • JTF New Horizons, Haiti 15-Feb-2005 15-May-2005 Haiti
  • Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort 29-Aug-2005 13-Oct-2005 Southern Coast United States
  • Hurricane Rita Relief Effort 29-Aug-2005 13-Oct-2005 Southern Coast United States
  • Hurricane Stan 6-Oct-2005 27-Oct-2005
  • Pakistan Earthquake 8-Oct-2005 31-Mar-2006 Pakistan
  • NEO Lebenon (TF59) 14-Jul-2006 24-Aug-2006 Lebanon
  • Operation Pacific Wave, American Samoa, Sept. 29-Oct. 10, 2009
  • Executive Order 11965
    Establishing the Humanitarian Service Medal

    32 -- National Defense Subchapter B -- Military And Civilian Personnel

    Establishing the Humanitarian Service Medal

    By virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States of America, and as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. There is hereby established a Humanitarian Service Medal with accompanying ribbons and appurtenances for award by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Transportation with regard to the Coast Guard when not operating as a Service in the Navy. Individuals eligible for the medal are members of the Armed Forces of the United States (including Reserve Components) who, subsequent to April 1, 1975, distinguished themselves by meritorious participation in a military act or operation of a humanitarian nature. The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation for the Coast Guard will determine types of acts or operations that warrant award of the medal.

    Sec. 2. The Humanitarian Service Medal and ribbons and appurtenances thereto shall be of appropriate design approved by the Secretary of Defense and shall be awarded by the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Transportation for the Coast Guard under uniform regulations, as prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. The regulations shall place the Humanitarian Service Medal in an order of precedence immediately after the Vietnam Service Medal.

    Sec. 3. No more than one Humanitarian Service Medal shall be awarded to any one person, but for each subsequent participation in a humanitarian act or operation justifying such an award, a suitable device may be awarded to be worn with that medal as prescribed by appropriate regulations of the Military Departments.

    Sec. 4. The Humanitarian Service Medal or device may be awarded posthumously, and when so awarded, may be presented to such representative of the deceased as may be deemed appropriate by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Transportation.

    The provisions of Executive Order 11965 of Jan. 19, 1977, appear at 42 FR 4329, 3 CFR, 1977 Comp., p. 89, unless otherwise noted.

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