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        Military Branches

        All Military Service branches are applicable:
        Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy

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      • Veteran recipients
      • Active Duty recipients
      • Family Members of recipients
      • Estate Inheritors

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      Military Chaplain

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      The heritage of Military Chaplaincy reaches far back into the dim recesses of history. In times of turmoil, trouble, and terror mankind always looks to religion and religious figures for comfort. War is no exception. Both ancient and modern societies have turned to religion in periods of conflict. Communities always have extended the comfort of religion to those serving in the heart of battle. United States Military Chaplains are appointed upon completion of training and/or fulfillment of required criteria.

      Military Chaplain Training Certificates available
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      • Apply technology to religion
      • Arranging Religious Retreats And Memorial Ceremonies
      • Assess Unit Morale For Targeted Religious Support
      • Assist in planning religious support
      • Assisting In Preparation Of Maintaining Ecclesiastical Documents And References Of Various Faith Groups
      • Conduct specialized peer counseling
      • Conducting Specialized Peer Counseling For Combat Stress Casualties
      • Coordinate force protection
      • Coordinate the circulation
      • Coordinating Religious Support For All Faith Groups
      • Coordinating The Circulation Of The Unit Ministry Team In The Contemporary Operating Environment
      • Coordinating Traumatic Event Management
      • Ensure Worshippers Are Comfortable In Their Religious Surroundings
      • Maintain reports, files & administrative
      • Maintaining Chaplain Vestments And Religious Items
      • Maintaining Liaison With Religious And Community Agencies
      • Maintaining Physical Security Of Unit Ministry Team Facilities/Equipment
      • Manage Multi-Purpose Worship Facilities And Programs
      • Operate communication equipment
      • Performing Bible And Other Religious Document Research
      • Performing Crisis Intervention
      • Preparing Devotional And Religious Educational Materials
      • Preparing Religious Area Analysis
      • Provide Emergency Religious Ministrations
      • Publicizing The Command's Religious Activities
      • Religious History And Background
      • Rigging And Unrigging For Religious Activities
      • Safeguarding Privileged Communications And Offerings
      • Supervising Chaplain's Office Personnel
      • Supporting The Unit Ministry Team Readiness Program
      • Synchronize religious support
      • Training Command Religious Program Volunteers On Logistics And Instruction Methods

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