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Military (Cloth) Patches
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15th Army Gp
110th Airborne
13th Air Force
12th Army Gp
25th Inf Div
2nd Air Force
2nd Logistical
2nd Army
23rd Inf Div
2nd CS
34th Inf Div
3rd Army, Italy
3rd Army
327th Inf Rgmt
1st Army
16th Armor
14th Air Force
1st Coastal Arty
3rd CS
65th Inf Div
64th Cavalry
6th Army
45th Inf Div
63rd Inf Div
442nd Rgmtal Combat Team
442nd Rgmtal Combat Team
Go For Broke
4th Service Cmd
4th Army
43rd Inf Div
7th Service Cmd
7th Airborne Bgd
929th Ordnance Bn
76th Inf Div
74th Rgmtal Combat Team
71st Inf Div
5th Inf Div
4th Marine Bgd
69th Inf Div
99th Inf Bn
9th Engr
89th Inf Div
95th Inf Div
88th Inf Div
85th Inf Div
83rd Chem Bn
84th Inf Div
8th Army
80th Inf Div
Defense Cmd South
Detachment London
Distinguished Unit, Embroidered
Distinguished Unit, Cord
AGC, Hungary
Air Transport Cmd
Antilles Dept
European Civil Affairs
France War Aide
Far East Cmd
Philippine Air Force
HSVC Community
GHQ Reserve
Hawaii Dept
IX Corps
Hawaiian Coastal Arty Bgd
Philippine Army
North African Theater
Military District Washington DC
Mission Moscow
Lgistical Cmd
Official US War Correspondent
Stars & Stripes Correspondent
General Headquarters
Civil Air Patrol
MI Svc Language Schl, 50th Annivseary
Sea Command
Tank Destroyers
Separate Army Brigade, WW1
San Francisco
Special Recon Bn
Supreme HQ Allied Exped. Forces
Replacement Schl
Railway Reserve
USAF Tech Sgt
USAF Staff Sgt
Veterans Administration
Army Air Force
United Nations
International Snipe Class
1741st Air Transport Sq
Natl Defense Industrial Assn
US Army Troop Carrier
I've Seen The Dragon
13th Engr
Ofcr Candidate Schl
Photo Specialist
Army Svc Forces
AGF Replacement
Bomb Disposal
Colonel, Captain
1st Air Force

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