Searching For America's Oldest Living Military Veterans

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Searching For America's Oldest Living Military Veterans


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  • List of Operations / Wars in this Study
    (This list will be Updated as Required)

    • Afghanistan
    • Cuba Missile Crises 18-29 Oct 1962
    • Dominican Republic, Operation Powerpack, April 1965
    • Grenada, Operation Urgent Fury, Oct/Nov 1983
    • Hamburger Hill
    • Honduras, Operation Golden Pheasant 1988
    • Iran, Operation Eagle Claw / Evening Light 1980
    • Iraq
    • Korean War, 1950-1953
    • Lebanon, Operation Blue Boat 1958
    • Lebanon, Operation UNIFIL 1978
    • Nicaragua, 1981-1990
    • Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan
    • Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq
    • Panama, Operation Just Cause 1989
    • Persian Gulf, Op Desert Shield/Storm
    • Pork Chop Hill
    • Somalia, Op Restore Hope, 1993
    • TET Attacks, Vietnam, 1968
    • Vietnam, 1954-1975
    • World War I, 1914-1918
    • World War II, 1941-1945

Names of Oldest Living Veterans
Submitted To Date
Some of the listed below may have passed since their name was added while alive

NOTICE: The names in this listing may change as new names/ages are received. Unconfirmed ages will not replace confirmed listings. Confirmation documents (copy of birth certificate or Report of Separtion [listing birthdate] must be mailed to The War Library. Confirmed listees will not be replaced by unconfirmed names.)

Names are de-listed upon confirmation of death.

Operation/War Name Birthdate Confirmed: DD-214 On File
Cuban Missile Crises MSG Clute James Leo 30 July 1936 Unconfirmed
Dominican Republic
Operation Powerpack
PFC Phillip w Patton 25 May 1944 Unconfirmed
Operation Urgent Fury
SP4 Rubio R Fernandez 31 Mar 1964 Unconnfirmed
Hamburger Hill, Vietnam -- -- --
Honduras, Operation Golden Pheasant SSG Bryan James Mann 15 September 1964 Unconfirmed
Iran, Operation Eagle Claw / Evening Light Sgt Jones, Robert W 19 Sep 1953 Unconfirmed
Korean War CPL Guy Arnone 05 Jan 1930 Confirmed by Son (Jerry)
Korean War CPL Philip Godfrey LeDonne 15 Mar 1932 Confirmed by Veteran
Lebanon, Operation Blue Boat BM3 Roy E Hanson 9 Jan 1940 Unconfirmed
Lebanon, Operation UNIFIL No Names Submitted -- --
Nicaragua SGT Mattison, Steve Allen 11 Feb 1957 -Unconfirmed
Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan Maj Skelly, Michael Glenn 24 August 1958 Unconfirmed
Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq LTC Burson John Henry 30 July 1934 Unconfirmed
Panama, Operation Just Cause E6 Norman, Donald A 19 Nov 1955 Unconfirmed
Pork Chop Hill, Korea -- -- --
Persian Gulf, Op Desert Shield/Storm MSgt Robert W Jones 19 Sept 1953 Confirmed
Pusan Perimeter, Korea
8/14/1950 to 9/16/1950; 3,602 KIA
-- -- --
Somalia, Op Restore Hope No Names Submitted -- --
Vietnam BUC Larrivee Ronald A 24 Feb 1935 Confirmed
World War I -- -- --
World War II (formerly MAJ Albert N Brown 26 Oct 1905 to 14 Aug 2011

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