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Military Award Replacements

(This Information Site is Continually Updated.

POLICY: As a military veteran whose DD-214 (Report of Separation) is on file with The American War Library, you may select up to two items from the list below to be shipped to your home. The books are FREE. You will only have to pay the United Stated Post Office Priority Mail shipping cost to any of the fifty states.

You may select any TWO books from the list below. Use this form to select ONE item. If you desire a SECOND item simply reload this form to select your second book.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete this form in full. ( Click here to email if you have any difficulty sending this Application Form )

The list below shows books currently available as of 12:00 am the previous night. We will inform you if a book you have chosen was previously taken and has not yet been removed from the list which shows the Title -- Author's Name -- and indicates Hard(cover) or Soft(cover).

The Philippine Sea 1944, The Last Great Carrier Battle--Mark Stile--Soft

American Caesar, Douglas MacArthur--William Manchester--Hard

US Navy Escourt Carriers 1942-45--Mark Stile--Soft

Santa Cruz 1942, Carrier Duel in the South Pacific--Mark Stile--Soft

The Last Lion, Winston Churchill--William Manchester/Paul Reid--Hard

The Rommel Murder--Charles Marshall--Hard

Malaya & Dutch East Indies, Japan's Air Power Shocks the World--Mark Stile--Soft

Guadalcanal 1942-43, Japan's Bid to Knock Out Henderson Field and the Cactus Air force--Mark Stile--Soft

Attack on Yamamoto--Carroll Glines--Hard

Java Sea 1942, Japan's Conquest of the Netherlands East Indies--Mark Stile--Soft

The Solomons 1943-1944, The Struggle for New Georgia and Bouganville--Mark Stile--Soft

The Coral Sea 1942, The First Carrier Battle--Mark Stile--Soft

Day of Deceit, The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor--Robert Stinnett--Soft

The Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942, Clash for Supremacy in the Pacific--Mark Stile--Soft

Atomic Quest, A Personal Narrative by Arthur Compton--Compton--Hard

Long Knives and Short Memories, The Spandau Prison Story--Jack Fishman--Hard

The Slipstream, Mark IV--Naval Trng Cnter, Corpus Christi-Hard

Cruise 1967, USS Pictor AF54--Edward Iglesias--Hard

USS Lake Champlain, Meditterranean Cruise 1954-55--Hard

There I Was, The Story of Air Group 47--Hard

The USS Bataan, Aug 1, 1943-Ovt 17, 1945--Hard

US Naval Vessels, 1943--Naval Inst. Press-- Hard

Ships of the US Navy--Exeter Books--Hard

Lineage of the 9th New York Regiment--Leonard A Keyes--Hard

Prelude to War--Robert T Elson--Time-Life Books

History of the Air Force--Bill Yenne--Hard

George Marshall, Hero of our Times--Leonard Mosley--Hard

The Ships and Aircraft of the US Fleet -- Fahey's Victory Edition

We Build A Navy -- Holloway H. Frost, Cmdr, US Navy

Far Eastern Cruise: USS Springfield CL-66 --

Modern Seamanship -- 11th Ed., 1945

The Rules of the Nautical Road -- Cpt Raymond W. Farwell

WW2 Navigator's Kit (One piece missing, not a book)

Navigation and Nautical Astronomy -- 8th Ed.

Burial Flag, Large (not a book)

The Bounty Trilogy -- Nordhoff& Hall

Fletcher Class Destroyers -- by Alan Raven

Introduction to Airplanes -- Navy Training Course

Flying the Weather Map -- Aerology Series (Pamphlet)

Vertigo Sense -- Navaer, 00-80Q-33 (Pamphlet)

UHF Sense -- Navaer, 00-80Q-41 (Pamphlet)

Recognition and Identification Sense -- Navaer 00-80q-21 (Pamphlet)

Prisoner Sense -- Navaer 00-80-Q6 (Pamphlet)

Security Sense I-- Navaer 00-80-16 (Pamphlet)

Security Sense I-- Navaer 00-80-16 (Pamphlet)

Flat-Hatting Sense -- Navaer 00-80Q-38 (Pamphlet)

Electrical Sense -- Navaer 00-80Q-17 (Pamphlet)

High Altitude Sense -- Navaer 00-80Q-35 (Pamphlet)

Dunking Sense -- Navaer (Pamphlet)

Gunnery Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q3(Pamphlet)

Manners Sense -- Navaer (Pamphlet)

Instrument Flying Sense -- Navaer (Pamphlet)

Night Vision Sense -- Navaer (Pamphlet)

Carrier Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 23 (Pamphlet)

Shoot Seat Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 37 (Pamphlet)

Swimming and Diving -- Red Cross (Pamphlet)

Fuel Saving Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 13 (Pamphlet)

S2F Plane Captains Handbook -- (Pamphlet)

The Equatorial Front -- Aerolog Series #9 (Pamphlet)

Terrain Flying -- (Pamphlet)

Support Aircraft Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 43 (Pamphlet)

Taxi Sense -- (Pamphlet)

Jet Cruise Control Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 39 (Pamphlet)

Artic Sense -- (Pamphlet)

Helicopter Rescue Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 42 (Pamphlet)

Carrier Cold Starting Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 31 (Pamphlet)

Aleutian Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 11 (Pamphlet)

Jet Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 30 (Pamphlet)

Air Controller Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 40 (Pamphlet)

Compressibility Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 29 (Pamphlet)

Patol Sense -- Navaer NA 00 80Q 13 (Pamphlet)

Navigator's Tool Case (3 instruments)

Home Nursing -- American Red Cross, WW2

Bet Your Boots: The Story of Recruit Training -- By Ritter & Gadbois

Panorama of Flight: Aviation History in Paintings -- By Charles H Hubbell,1903-1953

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