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The Four Star Award is the highest honor bestowed by

The Regents of The American War Library

The Award is presented annually throughtout the year to
exceptional, academic websites devoted to
American national security, military history, or the
educational betterment of United States
veterans and military personnel.

Candidate sites are evaluated for their historic content,
academic value to veterans, active-duty personnel, military historians
and students in furthering the honorable peace-establishing missions
of the United States military.

Site content is measured on the variety,
depth and detail of information specifically related to the Site's devoted purpose.

 Sites Must: 

  • Reside in the root or parent directory of webmaster's URL.

  • Attempt to provide a full range of infomation or links related to its intended purpose.

  • Adhere to the moral and community standards of most international military departments such that the site might compare to or be sanctioned by an official site established by a United States Government military service branch or agency.

  • Provide prompt feedback to inquiries, endeavoring to respond with direct information or providing direction to other possible information sources.

  • Display organization location or email address at/near the top of the page for easy retrieval.

  • Utilize color scheme and text sizing that provides readability for visually impaired visitors.

  • Employ motion graphics at a minimum... and only when their use facilitates utility rather than appearance.

  • State desire for growth and solicit educationally enhancing information from visitors.

  • Update/modify site at least once per month to refresh existing information or add new information.

  • Although appearance is not a governing issue, sites utilizing many graphics should incorporate text fields for fastest possible page loading.

Candidate Sites Are Selected For Review One Of Two Ways:
  • Site is recommended by an American War Library staff person, or

  • Site is recommended by someone not affiliated with the Candidate Site. (Webmasters may not recommend their own site for Award Review.)

To recommend a Site for Best Award, email:  

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