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    Army Professional
    Recognition Application Form


1. Complete this form in full.
2. Print and mail or email this completed form, along with a copy of your DD-214, WD 53-55, or other pre-arranged military document(s) to the address below.

Do Not Hilite, Underline, Circle, Colorize
Or Mark In Any Way The DD-214
Or Other Military Document Photocopy
You Will Mail or Email.

Charge card or Debit card applicants: To expedite shipment of your Recognition you may email this form today. Your Recognition will be prepared and awaiting the arrival of your DD-214 or other, pre-arranged military document(s).

Army Occupation:

Recipient's LAST Name:
MIDDLE name:
Title (Must appear on military documentation):Jr Sr II III IV


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Recipient's Service Number:

If you are sending a check or Money Order please indicate:

  • I will mail a check along with my application and documentation

  • I will mail a money order along with my application and documentation

Charge or Debit Card applicants, please complete the following:

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All other cards, 3 digits on back

After printing this form for mailing, please sign here:

International shipping cost (U.S. veteran living outside the United States, please add the shipping cost you were quoted...


  • .PDF Emailed - $7.50 Full Color
  • U.S. delivery - $22.45 Full Color Document Only
  • U.S. delivery - $27.45 Full Color Document in Bond Enclosure
  • I do not want the Display Recognition. I am requesting the hardwear items listed below (medal, badge, ribbon or patch) if they are available for this award. (Shipping cost applies to non-certificate requests.)
  • Would you like the full-color Wallet-Size Card Certificate along with one of the above full-size color Certificates (Wallet Cards are available only when a paper-published Certificate (not emailed Certificate) has been requested.)
    Yes, Unlaminated ($3.50)
    Yes, Laminated ($6.00)

    Would you like to receive the official, Branch 22K or Subdued Insignia (1 Pair)?

    22K Anodized Branch Insignia:

    Subdued Branch Insignia:

    Would you like a published copy of My Military Medal Last Will And Testament?

    • Yes, please include a Medal Will for a male heir of my medals and add $4.00 to my total

    • Yes, please include a Medal Will for a female heir of my medals and add $4.00 to my total

    • No, I will obtain the free jpg copy

    • Would you like to track your package using the internet through the United States Post Office after it has been shipped (for sixty-five [.75] cents extra)?

    • Yes, add 75 cents to my total

    • No, I don't want to track my package
    • Your Application Form is now complete. Print, Sign and Mail this completed form to the address below along with the required military-issued Report of Separation or other (pre-approved) document(s). You may (OPTIONAL) email this form for faster processing. However, you must still mail or eamil a copy of your military document(s).

    Records Chief (REC-AMW)
    The American War Library
    817 East Via Carmelitos
    Virginia Building 319
    Long Beach CA 90805-7549
    Phone: 1-562-422-4100 (Pacific Time Zone)
    Policy Statements On Display Recognitions and Hardwear
    Personalized items shipped or emailed with a name and SN/PSN number cannot be returned or refunded. However, although typographical errors are very rare, there is no time limit on requesting corrections to errors.

    Print a copy for yourself before clicking the bar below..